Meet Loomo, your personal mobile robot sidekick

Just like any kid, we grew up wanting to be Luke Skywalker. Not only because of his Jedi ways and lightsaber, but also for R2-D2. A droid that followed him to the ends of galaxy. 

Well, the Loomo is taking us one step closer to that reality. You can meet this little companion and even take a ride on it during the More Than Digital Day. 

Loomo is a mobile robot that can join your everyday adventure. It doubles as a transporter & companion. You ride it like a hoverboard to the store, hop off, load it up with cargo & have it follow you home. The Loomo runs on Android and has its own apps shown on the head's display. With advanced computer vision, it follows you autonomously, takes pictures, record stabilized video and more. There's an Intel RealSense sensor array that detects your face and body. You don't even have to face it in order for it to follow you too.

No doubt that its lovable personality and expressions will cheer up your day.