Chris Flamée
Global Marketing Manager
Jules Destrooper

After he developed a genuine interest in brands and consumers during his studies, Chris discovered his true passion for brands already at an early stage in his professional career with British American Tobacco.  At British American Tobacco he was offered the change to build and manage brands both at a national and international level.  He considers himself fortunate that he was given the trust and opportunity to work with some of the most iconic brands within the global tobacco industry.

For four years now, Chris puts all of his passion and expertise at the service of Jules Destrooper.  He inspired and led the 360° brand transformation based on a newly defined future proof and consumer validated brand positioning.  Together with his team he is currently implementing the final pieces of the puzzle that will unlock the true potential of this Belgian icon.  But since challenging the status quo is his second nature this is just the beginning of the story according to Chris.  So… stay tuned for more cookie news!