HOW SaaSSY: Software as a Service Saves You

SaaS has been around for decades, but it is absolutely blowing up in 2018. There are solutions out there for almost anything a company may need. We'll explore what Saas is, what kind of solutions are being offered in 2018, and some of the pros and cons of using SaaS. 
Sez works at a birds-eye level of a sprawling research university and is regularly implementing university-wide SaaS products to help reduce researchers' admin burden and facilitate their amazing work. She'll discuss some of her case studies, where they uncovered unexpected hiccups, and how it's improved the overall research process. 
You will leave with a confident understanding and approach to finding potential SaaS solutions in your own industry and why SaaS might be a perfect fit for you. 


Sez Giulian

Sez Giulian
Associate Director Information Systems / Principal
University of Pennsylvania / SezG Design LLC