Customer Experience Management Reinvented

We hear a lot about customer experience management being a vital differentiation strategy but the challenge with this is that how can brands deliver great customer experience with they don’t know what customers expect.

Clarity is vital on the following before attempting to align or define your customer experience:

  1. What do your target (most profitable) customers expect and are you meeting these expectations?

  2. What do these customers value that drives their retention and advocacy?

  3. Have you created and articulated a brand promise that speaks to these values and differentiates you?

However, answering the above questions is not enough as consumer expectations are forever on the rise driven by the human races insatiable appetite for instant gratification and this appetite being fueled further by the internet.  

We live in the ‘Now Society’. Simply just delivering a core product or service is not good enough. It’s increasingly hard to differentiate products, particularly as consumers have so much choice literately at their fingertips.

This session sums up the reasons for the tectonic shifts in customer expectations,  how some organisations from a cross section of industries are more than meeting customer expectations and the main strategies to take.


Paul Fennemore

paul fennemore
Digital Transformation & Customer Experience Consultant & Post Graduate Associate Lecturer at Oxford Brookes University