Ladders & Bananas - survivalkit for professionals in change

Putting a ladder on top of a banana-peel to avoid somebody falling over it, is probably not the most efficient solution. But it’s weird that you can find several ladders (inefficient rules, habits, assumptions, …) in almost every organisation. Eg a document needs to be approved by 3 different departments or filling out a document with information that's already available. Those ladders had an added value in the past but are not relevant anymore in this changing world. But because we're afraid of change, it's quite hard to get rid of those ladders. And that's where the Yes And Act gets into the picture. Break your fixed thinking patterns and dare to go for your GiGa dream (Yes). Learn methods to explore the world from different perspectives (And). Get into action and make sure you can fail fast, often and forward by applying NaNo actions (Act). Get inspired by several tailor-made examples and stories and experience the power of thinking in a ‘Yes And Act’-mindset.